2002 Camaro SS

Our 2002 Camaro SS received a completely upgraded UMI suspension from front to back. Along with the suspension upgrades, we also added a set of Pacesetter headers and a TSP true dual exhaust system. As you will see from the installation pictures, the TSP true duals fit and clear very nicely with the new UMI suspension items. The torque arm shown (part #2205) was built around the TSP true duals. With this torque arm you gain additional clearance over the factory torque arm which allows the exhaust to be tucked up even tighter which gives you much better ground clearance. Along with the torque arm we added a torque arm relocation kit, 3-point subframe connectors, sway bars, rear control arms, control arm relocation brackets, adjustable panhard bar, K-member as well as front upper/lower A-Arms. The complete installation took approximately 10 hours, required no welding, cutting or drilling and we used basic hand tools for the installation.

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