• New Product- A/C Delete Panel for the 70-81 GM F-Body

    A/C Delete Panel for the 1970-1981 GM F-Body
    P/N 2650 priced at $89.99 (bare finish)

    UMI Performance, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our new A/C Delete Panel for 1970-1981 GM F-body applications. This 0.125” thk aluminum panel allows you to remove the existing A/C – heater box and immediately drop unnecessary weight from the front of the car. The CNC machined panel mounts in the factory holes with your existing fasteners and creates a clean firewall area which greatly improves the amount of room available in the engine compartment. The P/N 2650 is available in a sanded finish ready for your paint color or powder coated UMI red or black. This product is designed and manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA-USA

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  • UMI Add’s New Equipment to its Facility

    We had a few exciting things happen this week at UMI, we received two more CNC machines for the shop and we are excited to get them under power. We hope the addition of these machines will increase our production and allow us to venture into developing new products.


    We received a Daewoo Puma 200 turning center with bar feed and a Amada Hybrid CNC laser. The Laser was a big boy and they had to bring in the boom truck to unload it and set in on the dock.


    As soon as the machines are in place and under power we will snap a few more pictures or videos.


  • New Product- Pro Tour Style Rear Sway bar for the 1978-1988 GM G-Body

    Adjustable Pro Tour Style Rear Sway Bar for the 1978-1988 GM G-Body
    P/N: #3044-XXX
    Price: $399.99

    UMI Performance, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of our newly designed Pro Tour style rear sway bar for 1978-1988 GM G-body applications. This 1” dia hollow sway bar is axle tube mounted using our tried and true 2245 serrated tooth mounting clamps, poly bushings and heavy duty u-bolts. Three position adjustability delivers street, road race/auto-x and light drag race performance all from the same bar. Adjustable length race style rod ends allow a perfect fit as well as preload capability for drag racing use. The P/N 3044 sway bar has been designed to accommodate the factory rear housing, GN 8.5, 12-bolt, Ford 9” and Moser M9 while still offering great ground clearance and a clean look. These bars are available with tough red or black powder coat and are designed and manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA – USA.

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  • New! A-Body & G-Body Shock & Spring Lowering Kits – $1,099.99

    Shock and Spring Lowering Kits with Double Adjustable Viking Shocks

    $1,099.99 per kit


    UMI’s lowering package consists of four Viking double adjustable shocks, a hybrid front coil over spring system and either 1 or 2 inch lowering Hotchkis rear springs. With moderately increased spring rates for improved handling, this kit allows you to adjust your cars altitude and attitude for maximum performance and a cool appearance. The hybrid front coil system features 0-3″ front drop and is easy to adjust and lock in place. The 1 or 2 inch rear lowering allows you to knock the factory height down a bit or go the extra inch for the Pro-Tour look. Double adjustable Viking shocks feature 19 compression and 19 rebound settings. These independently adjustable settings allow you to change from street to strip to corner carving handling simply by turning the knobs. No tools required.


    • 0-3″ lowering range up front, 1 or 2 inch choice for the rear
    • Lower ride height improves handling by lowering center of gravity
    • Lower ride height improves handling by placing the upper a-arm in a more favorable angle
    • Viking features Premium quality Made In USA springs, shot peened and coated for durability
    • Easy front height adjustment with included Torrington bearings and wrench
    • Shocks hand built in Lakeville, Minnesota
    • Double adjustable features 19 independent compression and rebound settings (for a total of 361 possible combinations)
    • Tune for street, strip or corner carving at the turn of a knob – no tools required
    • Baseline shock settings – 6C,8R all around street, 10C,12R all around corner carving, 6C,2R front and 6C,6R rear strip
    • Bolt in kit, no welding required. And best of all, no spring compressor required up front


    64-67 GM A-Body- Click Here 

    68-72 GM A-Body- Click Here 

    78-88 GM G-Body- Click Here 

  • Now Available! Tubular K-member for 1982-1992 Camaro & Firebird

    We all know weight equals horsepower. UMI’s new direct bolt-in replacement K-member instantly removes 20 lbs of front end weight from your ride and helps your existing horsepower work for you. Strong dual tube construction and a host of high-strength features ensure the UMI K-member will survive street use, drag strip blasts and autocross action. The K-member is fabricated from CNC machined 3/16” thick mild steel held together by a strong dual tube lower section. Factory clamshell and engine mounts bolt to the precision machined mounting pads or add our new LSX adapter plates to install any LSX based engine. Lightening holes are CNC machined into the mounting plates and the tubular construction provides added clearance for aftermarket exhaust. The modular design permits stock spring and strut use or simply remove the spring pockets and convert to coil-overs. Street and track testing on our ’89 IROC test car has shown this K-member to be strong, reliable and a great upgrade for your high performance ride. Available in tough powder coated red or black finish. Manufactured with pride in Philipsburg, PA – USA

    1982-1992 Camaro/Firebird Tubular K-member – Click Here

  • Adam Horn’s LS3 Swap using all UMI Performance Suspension

    Adam Horn recently completed an LS3 swap in his 1997 Camaro. For this swap Adam choose all UMI Performance suspension items. Please enjoy the pictures Adam has submitted, we appreciate the support Adam!


  • UMI K-member hits the track and survives!

    Chris Johnson cuts a 1.29 60′ Running UMI goodies under his 4th gen LS equipped F-Body. Chris tells us his UMI k-member has hit the ground twice, once leaving a nice size divot in the track. His UMI K-member remains unharmed and shows no sign of wear. His exact words are:


    “Your K member has been my savior twice. The extra tubular wall on the bottom was a major selling point for me. Everyone is trying to cut weight where ever they can including me, but I am glad I didn’t in the K member department. The extra 6-7lbs is definitely worth it. Saved me two oil pans, two trans pans, and maybe even the car if oil would have gotten under the tires, not to mention a flat bed tow home since I drive the car to the track . The lower tube is just far enough to protect the stock oil pan, even from a very violent 175ft wheel stand where i had to let out completely and have it come down full force. To my surprise just the back corner of the oil pan and front of the trans pan were scratched up, the headers weren’t as lucky haha…And recently about a month ago I had it happen again, just snapped up on me.”

  • One of UMI’s distributors returned an item to us that a customer claimed “poor quality item and that an end cap fell off in the box”. Once we received the item back we immediately realized this was a competitors product and not ours! We snapped a few pictures of “Competitors X’s” product compared to UMI’s similar item. The pictures say it all. 

  • New Product- 64-72 GM A-Body Upper Front A-Arms w/ 1/2″ Taller Ball Joints

    UMI Performance Upper A-Arms w/ ½” taller ball joints for the 1964-1972 GM A-Body

    P/N 4033-1



    UMI Performance is pleased to announce the availability of ½” taller heavy-duty ball joints loaded into our popular P/N 4033 upper a-arms. P/N 4033-1 a-arms combine the benefit of additional caster with increased negative camber potential throughout the suspension travel. The relocated ball joint plate offers up to six degrees caster without excessive shimming while the ½” taller ball joint creates up to one additional degree negative camber at full bump travel. Expect improved steering feel and an overall increase in lateral grip. Features include greaseable, low deflection UMI designed and manufactured Delrin bushings, chromemoly cross shafts, improved header clearance and polyurethane bump stops. These jig built DOM a-arms are supplied with a durable gloss red or black powder coat finish which guarantees your performance parts stay beautiful on your street car, drag car or Pro touring machine. Crafted with pride in Philipsburg, PA – USA.


    Website Link- P/N 4033-1

  • UMI Performance Expands to New 35,000 sq. ft. Facility

    UMI Performance is anxious to share with everyone that in February 2011 we moved our entire facility to a new larger location located in Philipsburg, PA (only 10 minutes from our former Bigler, PA location). Due to limitations on growth allowance at the Bigler, PA location, it was determined that UMI needed more room, much more room to be exact! UMI is now settled into a 35,000 square foot building which houses the Corporate Offices, 6 CNC machining centers (with plans to add more in the near future), numerous cut saws, 5 MIG/TIG Welding Stations, enclosed Sandblasting area, large Powder Coat Booth, Powder Coat Oven, expanded Assembly area, packing and shipping area, expanded stock inventory area – and the new large testing and design area. We are now able to have our shop cars all inside one location to test and design as needed. We will continue to expand our product line, test and improve upon current products – and ship orders within 1-3 business days (but most orders ship the same day!). With the new layout and the design flow of the new larger facility, this allows UMI Performance to run more efficiently and effectively. We still have a lot more plans for the new facility, which will come in time. Our growth and expansion is all due to our faithful customer base and we would like to thank you for that! Below are a few pictures of our new facility prior to our move-in, as well as some of our large machinery being moved (which was a huge task to say the least). As we continue to grow, we will include additional pictures – and we invite you to check back often. If you are ever in the Central PA area, give us a call, we would love to have you stop by our facility for a tour. UMI Performance – designed and manufactured in the USA.