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$10,000 King Of The Mountain 32-Car Shootout!

UMI Performance’s King Of The Mountain Presented by Visit Clearfield County

Over the course of two days at UMI Motorsports Park, over 60 of the best autocross drivers and cars competed at King of the Mountain for a chance at a 32-car shootout under the lights for the chance at $10,000.

King of the Mountain presented by UMI Performance was an event unlike any other. No other autocross race to date has put up such a large cash prize for a weekend nor has anybody done it while racing under the lights! Starting on Friday morning, competitors started qualifying.

32-Car Shootout

What they were trying to accomplish was earning a spot in the 32-car bracket. Spots 1-10 were fulfilled by the quickest combined lap times from Friday and Saturday. Slots 11-20 were filled by the fastest combined trap speed times from both days. Seeds 21-30 were then filled by the most consistent lap times over the course of both days. The last two spots were joker card President’s picks.

By Saturday afternoon it was obvious to see who was shooting for which category. The fast guys were able to see lap times and knew who they were. But there was guys shooting for top speed who had to guess at how they were doing. The consistency guys were able to calculate their times and have a good idea on where they were sitting as well.

Under The Lights

At the end of Saturday the 32 field car had been set. The stands were packed, the hillside parking was two cars deep and the lights were on. The first round drivers got two laps to give them a chance to get used to the slightly different course and racing under the lights. The crowd was pumped and you could hear them cheering on or gasping when somebody went a little too hard and spun out.

Through the end though there was two cars on the line for the $10,000 and title of King of the Mountain. A Tesla Model 3 and a C6 Corvette. The Tesla had been deadly quiet and fast all weekend long, silently putting down some smoking hot lap times. The lights and crowd must have got to him though as he coned on his last run in the beginning. He figured at that point he had nothing left to lose and pushed hard putting down an incredibly fast lap time.

The last car was the C6 Corvette piloted by Jeremy Swenson. He heard about the cone and figured as long as he ran a clean lap he had it in the bag. He ran a clean, but slower than normal lap. After completing his lap, he had only finished .008 seconds faster than John Laughlin in his Tesla!

With the win secured, Jeremy did a nice smoky burnout in his Vette and was $10,000 richer. At the end of it Jeremy was speechless and didn’t quite know what to say, but we are sure he will be back next year to defend his title as King of the