Event Coverage

UMI Performance at PRI 2019

The UMI booth at the 2019 PRI show was THE place to be. In addition to our latest product offerings (featuring 2nd Gen GM F-body and GM squarebody truck) we were honored to welcome inaugural KOTM winner Jeremy Swenson. Jeremy’s incredible C6 was on display complete with confetti and of course a replica of the giant check he received from UMI President Ryan Kirkwood.

Beside the C6 was UMI’s ’71 Camaro. The two cars were strategically placed to demonstrate KOTM 2.0’s old vs new format in which one vintage muscle car will square off against one modern rocket, under the lights, for $10k. Jeremy was on-hand the entire time to discuss KOTM 2.0 with show attendees and also with the 100+ invitees who showed up to see the much anticipated and sometimes controversial invite list. Even though cars and parts pay the bills, it’s cool to meet incredible people in the sport. We couldn’t be more proud to have “Swenson” represent the KOTM brand for 2019/2020 and can’t help but wonder who will be the 2nd King of the Mountain. Can Jeremy repeat? Will it be someone unexpected? In a vintage car? Find out August 22, 2020 under the lights at UMI Motorsports Park.