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UMI ’99 Camaro / Pace Performance LS3 build

Pace Performance Logo

UMI Performance is proud to announce an alliance with Pace Performance where Pace becomes the official crate engine supplier of UMI Motorsports Park. Pace built us an autocross specific LS3 for the UMI ’99 Camaro. Follow along as we install this engine and hit various autocross events across the nation.

After five brutal road race and autocross seasons, a broken piston ended the run of our trusty 383 LS1. Kaboom.

Out with the old, in with the new Pace Performance LS3

We needed a solution to accommodate the Pace Performance LS3 install in our ’99 Camaro. Our buddy Danny Popp of RAFT Motorsports came to the rescue. Danny has converted quite a few 4th Gens to modern power, including Nathan Popp’s Trailer Park Camaro featuring a Lingenfelter LS7.

The key to this conversion is the TRG-002 58x to 24x Conversion Module from Lingenfelter Performance.

TRG-002 Conversion Module
LS3 with engine mounts

Before installation, take a look at our new poly engine mounts. These mounts control Noise, Vibration and Harshness while still providing the high performance you expect from UMI.

The Pace LS3 comes standard with a Moroso road race oil pan. The 4th Gen Camaro platform tends to have trouble with pan fitment so we swapped the Moroso for a GM Performance pan specific to this application. Roger spent some time setting oil pump pickup height and also installed an Improved Racing baffle kit to help control oil slosh during autocross runs.

Power steering cooler

Autocross is tough on steering systems. Roger decided to replace the rectangular power steering cooler with a radial version from Allstar Performance. Our steering situation has improved dramatically over the past few years as we’ve started using Turn One pumps on all our builds. The Turn One pump builds less heat by its design and this new cooler should add further insurance.