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LS3 Velle Feels Fast And Furious

People use UMI Performance parts on their cars for a plethora of reasons and uses. Better construction, drag racing, fixing geometry, Sunday cruising – you get the idea. For “Orange Juice” it’s a bit different than the rest.

Enter Rob Ortega aka @LS3.Velle in his ratty 1970 Chevelle. At first glance this car might not catch your eye. There’s no flashy paint, no perfect interior. If fact it’s two different colors. But that’s why we love it. This Chevelle screams attitude. Equipped with an LS engine and UMI parts, this is one bad ass ride.

In this video, Rob is cruising the streets of LA raising hell. Apparently, he raises a little too much hell and ends up in the back of a black and white. If you’re familiar with the Fast and Furious movies, you’ll recognize a few iconic pieces from the movie.