Tech Tip
How do I know how much spindle height I need? UMI has a number of solutions to the A-body spindle height problem. Most of them utilize the factory GM spindle and a combination of ball joint heights. We are happy to discuss tall spindle applications as well. Please call the tech line at 814-376-6000 or email [email protected].

½” taller upper and standard height lower – when combined with a 1 or 2 inch lowering spring, this cost effective option helps your daily driver perform better when cornering at everyday speeds. If your car squeals the front tires on exit ramps, this mod is for you. See P/N 4033-1 or 4056-1.

0.9” taller upper and standard height lower – this option is for the corner carver looking to add almost an inch of spindle height at a very nice price point. A 0.9” tall ball joint setup helps control camber on fast corners without breaking the bank. No modifications are needed to the lower a-arm which makes the UMI upper a very attractive and easy to install item. See P/N 4056-3.

0.9” taller upper and ½” taller lower – with a total of 1.4 inches additional spindle height, the 0.9/0.5 package is intended for auto-x and track use. The camber curve is quite aggressive and really helps plant the tire properly during suspension travel. A 1.4 car can use a very mild static alignment and have great grip in the turns. The 0.9/0.5 package is awesome for Pro Tour style cars destined for long trips combined with track duty. A true high performance suspension for sure. See P/N 403256-3

DSGTECH spindles – these spindles are tall, 2” drop spindles and are used on the UMI LeMans. For tall spindles we recommend our 4056-1 adjustable upper a-arm and a lower a-arm with a standard height ball joint.

The non-adjustable 4033 (or 4033-1) upper a-arm is best when used with a standard spindle and standard ball joints height lower arm. Excess spindle height

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