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UMI Equipped at King of the Mountain 5.0

On the weekend of August 26th, UMI Motorsports Park hosted it’s fifth annual King of the Mountain race. Drivers from all over the continent traveled to Clearfield country to compete for the title of King and the $15,000 prize! 

Among the competitors and winners were UMI Equipped Cars. We were able to catch up with a few and learn more about their builds. Watch their interview by clicking on their name.

Featured UMI Equipped Drivers

For nearly a decade, Rob Beck has been running UMI products. Rob’s UMI Equipped build has made appearances at numerous events, including multiple Classic American Muscle Championships and every UMI Motorsports Park Event. His longstanding friendship with Ramey Womer, UMI’s Engineer and YouTube Personality, has deepened his connection to UMI and UMIMP. In fact, Rob’s association with UMI dates back to the 80s, when he served as a member of Ramey’s pit crew during the days when UMI Motorsports Park was still known as Clearfield Mountain Speedway.

Being Tick Performance’s sales manager, Eli Walton is familiar with high-end parts and pieces. We’re thrilled to have his truck racing on UMI’s #cornermax system. Eli balanced his #cornermax front end with a custom-fabricated rear system, huge aero from Nine Lives Racing and of course a Tick road race transmission and engine components. This little truck is majorly fast, and we look forward to racing with Eli at many more events.

Chris Wheatcraft and his UMI Equipped ’73 Camaro have been on a hot streak as of late. Chris was one of the first racers to install our 2nd Gen F-body #cornermax kit, and he’s definitely shown its value to the performance market. He has been scoring wins since installing his #cornermax front end kit. Including at this year’s KOTM where he took home the tile as Mid Class King aka first place in his class! Great job Chris! Thanks for keeping UMI in the winner’s lane!

Thank you to all the drivers that volunteered to be interviewed!

Thank you to all the driver’s racing with our parts! To see these drivers and more talk about their UMI Equipped vehicle in their own words, watch our UMI Equipped YouTube Playlist. Also, if you are UMI Equipped use the #umiequipped when posting!