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UMI Equipped at Autocross Challenge

The UMI Autocross Challenge attracts racers from both near and far to the stunning UMI Motorsports Park every summer. The anticipation starts even in the midst of winter, as autocross racers eagerly register for this event. Without fail, the Autocross Challenge sells out within minutes every year, and this year was no different.

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Among the competitors and winners were UMI Equipped Cars. We were able to catch up with a few and learn more about their builds. Watch their interview by clicking on their name.

Featured UMI Equipped Drivers

Platform: 68-72 A-body

Brian Coyle has been UMI Equipped for almost a decade. We first met him at Carlisle GM Nationals, where he received his first UMI Kit. Years later, he’s still using those parts and has even showcased them by giving ride-alongs to customers at the same trade show. Coyle is also familiar with UMIMP, as he has participated in every Autocross Challenge race and has even been invited to the King of the Mountain race in the past. His impressive 377-in Chevelle has always been a head-turner, and he recently upgraded it with a sleek satin dark green wrap that looks amazing. 

Platform: 70-81 F-body

David Pereira is one of our international friends hailing from, our neighbor to the north, Canada. David makes the trip down from Ontario quite often to race at UMIMP. He’s raced at 5 of the Autocross Challenges as well as competing in King of the Mountain last year.  His absolutely stunning, UMI Equipped, ’79 Camaro is an autocross machine blessed with the ability to turn heads at any car show. Recently, he joined us at our booth during the Syracuse Nationals, where his Camaro attracted a large crowd.

Platform: 82-92 F-body

Mike Weiss has been spotted with his iconic American-muscle third-gen Camaro at some recent UMI events, and we just had to check it out. His ‘89 Firebird is powered by a head-snappin’ 6.0L LS with a T56 transmission; and all that wild American-made torque tamed in place by a UMI K-member. Mike is able to keep the blue beast controlled on the back country roads with the help of UMI lower A-arms and our caster & camber plates. If you’re quick enough to spot the bad bird through the high corn fields of the Lancaster, Pennsylvania back roads flying by in the evenings, it’s certain a site to be seen.

Thank you to all the drivers that volunteered to be interviewed!

Thank you to all the driver’s racing with our parts! To see these drivers and more talk about their UMI Equipped vehicle in their own words, watch our UMI Equipped YouTube Playlist. Also, if you are UMI Equipped use the #umiequipped when posting!